Friday, November 5, 2010

DD 1st Give AWAY!

Get excited Fans!  I am having my first GIVE AWAY!  :)  This is what you get:
          ~2 5x7's OR 1 8x10 of your choice

So if you have recently had a shoot with me or am signed up (if neither than sign up!) you can choose the above and I will send it to you if you become the winner.  YAY!

Here is how it works.  Its start today until Black Friday (for those that live under a rock that is the day after Thanksgiving).  On Black Friday I will put your name name in a pot however many times you do the following below and if your name gets drawn then you win!  Easy, yeah? is how to get your name entered as many times as possible:

~Comment on this post with your email - 2 entries
~Become a Follower of the blog - 2 entries
~"Like" the photo of the day now until then - 1 entry per like
~Suggest Facebook fans and comment below with how many you suggested and you get - 5 entries every multiple of 10
~Sign up for a shoot - 10 entries
~Referral for a shoot - 10 entries



  1. You totally rock, so of course I have to enter this!Oh and my email!!!

  2. Oh Oh I follow your blog to :)

  3. I liked the photo of the day yesterday and today so far!

  4. I had a shoot with you does that count as signing up for one? And the Hoffer's just asked me for your info so I think they are going to sign up to do a shoot with you!

  5. I have referred people to your page, but don't know how many!

  6. Hey Britini! We made ages ago at playgroups through Katie Beicker! I saw Tiffany Cox post about you on FB. My email is I also a new FB fan.

  7. Okay, I follow your blog. I 'like' you on FB-is that the same as a fan?

  8. hey girl..would love to win this for amie and actually myself but doing it for her. so here it
    We need to set her up a photoshoot., love, love your pictures.